Pricing Options

Traditional Pricing


Most merchants have been using one of two pricing strategies: Tiered pricing or Interchange Plus pricing.  This is where a good relationship with your provider is key!  Before offering an agreement, we want to know more about your business.  There are many variables which would make one option better than the other.  We want to earn your business and keep it so we work hard for you.

Cash Discount


The laws have been changing in favor of the merchants.  You can now charge your customer a Surcharge fee, Convenience Fee or offer a Cash Discount.  Municipalities and utility companies have been charging this fee for several years. This is a small line item on the receipt that allows the customer to assume a portion of the fees charged to the merchant.  Certain restrictions apply but this is a quickly growing trend in the retail and hospitality industries.

Flat Rate Pay As You Go


PayPal, Square, Stripe and others have done a great job at making it easy to start taking payments.  But they have their downsides.  Our Pay-As-You-Go pricing is as low as 2.25% for swiped cards with next business day funding.  Start building a merchant services relationship that can grow with your business.